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    New to Native American Music?

    If you are, then try one of the following collections. Each volume in the Voices Across the Canyon series is designed to provide the listener with a representation and introduction to the beauty and diversity of traditional and contemporary Native American music plus a sampling from our Music of the Southwest section. For an excellent educational resource, try "Traditional Voices," a collection drawn from Canyon's extensive archives of traditional music going back to 1951.

    Voices Across the Canyon - Volume One (7051)
    Complete songs from Earth Spirit; Emergence;
    Blood of the Land; Dreams from the Grandfather;
    Ancestral Voices; Eagle Dances with the Wind;
    Loving Ways; Touch the Sweet Earth; Walk in Beauty;
    Waila of the Tohono O’odham; Live at Lummi;

    and Where Rivers Meet. 

    48 minutes.

    Voices Across the Canyon - Volume Two (7052)
    Complete songs from Canyon Trilogy; Natay, Navajo Singer; Winter Dreams; Feather, Stone & Light; White Buffalo; Burning Sky; Once in a Red Moon; Dances with Rabbits;
    Bird Songs of the Hualapai; Flamenco Fantasía;

    and two more. 

    45 minutes.

    Voices Across the Canyon - Volume Three (7054)
    Complete songs from Inside Canyon de Chelly;
    Kokopelli’s Café; Two World Concerto; Urban Indian; Clan/destine; Kids’ Pow-Wow Songs; Sacred Path;
    Circle Dance Songs of the Paiute; The Beauty Way;
    Brother Hawk;
    and Naked in Eureka. 

    63 minutes.

    Voices Across the Canyon - Volume Four (7055)
    Complete songs from Mythic Dreamer; Morning Star;
    Inside Monument Valley; Red Wind; Maze; Sacred Voices;
    It’s Time to Round Dance; Déjà Vu; Traditional Voices; 
    My Father’s Chapel; Big Medicine; Gathering of Voices;

    and Lakota Pipe & Ceremonial Songs. 

    50 minutes.

    Voices Across the Canyon - Volume Five (7056)
    2002 Native American Music Awards Best Compilation Album.  Complete songs from Inner Voices; In a Distant Place; Crossroads; Native Flamenco; Colors of My Heart; Mawio’mi; Tribute to the Elders; Word Up; Mother’s Word; Stick Game Songs of the Paiute; Round Dance in Beauty; and Together We’ll Fade Away. 

    43 minutes.

    Voices Across the Canyon - Volume Six (7066)
    Complete songs from Sanctuary; a simple man;
    Singing Earth; Seed of Life; Fourth World;
    Tomegan Gospem; Reflections; Still Rezin’;
    Song of Colors; Round Dance the Night Away;

    and Enter>> Tribal. 

    44 minutes.