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Robert Tree Cody, Ruben Romero & Tony Redhouse - Native Flamenco (CR-7033)

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Robert Tree Cody & Rob Wallace - White Buffalo (CR-555)

Conceived to honor the appearance of the white buffalo, this album is a combination of musical traditions and styles. Traditional flutist Robert Tree Cody is joined by synthesist Rob Wallace and percussionist Will Clipman.

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Robert Tree Cody, Rob Wallace & Tony Redhouse - Maze (CR-556)

Native American flutist Robert Tree Cody (Dakota-Maricopa) leads this musical journey among the native people of the Southwest. Joined by synthesist Rob Wallace and percussionist Tony Redhouse (Navajo), Cody melds the tranquil tones of the traditional flute with voices from the Hopi, Navajo, Apache, Yaqui and Tohono O'odham. Special musical appearances by Marlene Cody, Jim Lucero and Jones Benally.

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Robert Tree Cody & Xavier Quijas Yxayotl - Crossroads (CR-7041)

For the first time Crossroads melds the music of the native people of the Great Plains and Mexico. Featuring award winning flutist Robert Tree Cody and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, Crossroads is a colorful blend of indigenous flutes (Native American, Mayan and Aztec), pulsing drums and ancient chants. Tree, who performs regularly across the southwest and Xavier, who is known throughout southern California as a member of the group America Indigina, present twelve amazing songs on this landmark album.

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Compact Disc or Cassette*

Robert Tree Cody &  Will Clipman - Heart of the Wind (CR-7072)

The haunting melodies of the Native American flute evoke the flow and cadences of breathing while the pulsing rhythms of the drum evoke the beating of the heart. This recording brings together these two very primal and human instruments in a collection of new and transforming compositions by two award-winning artists, Robert Tree Cody (Maricopa-Dakota) and Will Clipman.

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