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Robert Tree Cody Biography

Robert Tree Cody

Robert "Tree" Cody (also known in the Maricopa language as Oou-Kas Mah Quet or "Thunder Bear") is a Native American flutist, dancer, artist, educator and actor who has performed throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, East Asia, Central & South America and Mexico. Standing 6 foot, 10 inches, "Tree" Cody holds a commanding presence whether on stage or on the pow-wow circuit as a prize winning Northern Traditional dancer, Master of Ceremonies or Arena Director.

An enrolled member of the Salt River Pima Maricopa Community, From Lehi., Arizona and of the Canadian First Nation Dakota (Hunkpapa),"Tree" lectures to the many reservations throughout the United States as well as the many reserves of Canada. "Tree" also has lectured at many museums, schools, universities and colleges nationally as well as internationally sharing his knowledge of the Native American culture, songs, dances and music to the world. In 1975 Tree received the 25th Silver anniversary medal from Her Royal Majesty The Queen of England for a command performance of his dancing, and also for his beautiful flute music.

"Tree" has a remarkable ability in communicating with people, particularly young people of all cultures. He has given generously of this time and talents for benefits of people in need. This talent he received from his step-father,the late Iron Eyes Cody who taught "Tree" the many different aspects of show business as well as the traditional red road of his people.

A versatile flute player and a gifted singer, "Tree" has thirteen albums on the Canyon Records label. Crossroads was released in the spring of 2000. "Tree" is joined by Xavier Quijas Yxayotl who is from Guadalajara, Mexico, of the Huichol Nation on this album. 

The album, Maze, travels a musical journey through the Southwest. Set prior to European arrival to Turtle Island, a wanderer of the North travels and meets the nations of the Southwest. Maze was a Native American Music Awards winner as Best New Age Album of 1999, and it's track "The Bird Song" was a finalist as Best Song of the Year.

Native Flamenco a collaboration with world-renowned Flamenco guitarist, Ruben Romero and percussionist Tony Redhouse won two Native American Music Awards in the World and Latin categories of the year 2000. His most recent project is Heart of the Wind recorded with award winning percussionist Will Clipman was nominated for a Grammy Award album in the Best Native American Music Album category.

He currently now lives on the Navajo Reservation with his wife Cynthia and is doing motivational lectures and programs to many schools on the Navajo reservation as well as other schools on many other reservations in Indian Country.

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