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Printed Catalog

Printed Catalog and Audio Sampler

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Below you will find a digital version of our sampler disc that contains samples from selected albums listed in the Canyon Records catalog. The number following the album description corresponds to the track number.

Song Artist Album Click below to listen.

1. Song for the Morning Star R. Carlos Nakai Canyon Trilogy
2. Shaman's Call R. Carlos Nakai Earth Spirit
3. Whippoorwill R. Carlos Nakai Changes
4. Awakening of the Beauty Within Kelvin Mockingbird Sacred Fire
5. First Contact Cody & Clipman Heart of the Wind
6. Singing Lights Tony Duncan & Darrin Yazzie Singing Lights
7. Spirit Dance Aaron White & Anthony Wakeman Handprints of Our People
8. Amazing Grace R. Carlos Nakai Inner Voices
9. Oasis R. Carlos Nakai & William Clipman Awakening the Fire
10. Ancient Awakening Nakai, Eaton & Clipman Dancing Into Silence
11. Eye of the Wind Horn & Nakai Inside Monument Valley
12.Fourth World, Glittering World R. Carlos Nakai Fourth World
13. Native Drumming Nakai, Black Lodge & Canyon Symphony Two World Concerto
14. Gathering of Eagles Nakai, Eaton, Clipman & Khechog In a Distant Place
15. Carry the Gift Nakai & Eaton Carry the Gift
16. Waipi' O Paka'alana R. Carlos Nakai & Keola Beamer Our Beloved Land
17. Between Venus and Mars R. Carlos Nakai Quartet Kokopelli's Cafe
18. Night Forest R. Carlos Nakai Island of Bows
19. Evening Meadows Tony Duncan Native Son
20. Spirit of Mother Earth Estun-Bah From Where the Sun Rises
21. Healing Song Primeaux & Mike Walk in Beauty
22. Road Less Traveled Burning Sky Spirits in the Sky
23. Lakota Lullaby Robert Tree Cody Dreams from the Grandfather
24. Encuentro Romero, Cody & Redhouse Native Flamenco
25. Rain in July Smith, Toppah & Landry Rain in July
26. Crossroads Cody & Yxayotl Crossroads
27. Lozen's Way Coyote Jump Waking from the Roots
28. Chickasha' Alhiha Injunuity Fight for Survival
29. White Cone Louie Gonnie Pathway to Destiny
30. A Winter Dream Nitanis "Kit" Largo Serenity
31. Grandmother's Song Fawn Wood Kikawiynaw
32. The Mash Up Wayne Silas, Jr. Infinite Passion
33. Weechaaaala Young Spirit Nitehe Ohoi - "From the Heart"
34. The Gift of Life Randy Wood The Gift of Life
35. Strollerz Pipestone As the Rez Turns
36. Facebook Drama Northern Cree Dancerz Groove
37. Okisikow Iskwew Northern Cree True North Strong and Cree
38. Burn Dance Northern Cree Loyalty to the Drum
39. Akameyimoh Baby Boy Young Spirit Akameyimoh - "Baby Boy"
40. Mickey Mouse Black Lodge Kids' Pow-wow Songs
41. Top of the Sky Young Bear Born to Sing
42. Vietnam-Desert Storm Song

Black Lodge

Veterans' Honor Songs
43. Smooth Moves

Bear Creek

Kaagige - "Forever"
44. Calvin Jumping Bull's Memorial Song Porcupine Singers Alowanpi
45. Micayla's First Song Tha Tribe Stoic
46. Glidin' the Notes Thunderhill Miles from Yesterday
47.Zuni Sunrise Ed Lee Natay Natay, Navajo Singer
48. Beautiful Mother Earth Radmilla Cody Shi Keyah
49. Sponge Bob Talibah Begay Navajo Songs for Children
50. Rain Dance Apache Traditional Songs
51 Cruzn Todi Neesh Zhee Singers First Night: Moonlit Nights
52. Dancing Spirits Roman Orona Circling Spirits
53. Old Girlfriend Showed Up Sweethearts of Navajoland From the Heart of the Dine Nation
54. Buy a Vehicle Radmilla Cody Precious Friends
55. Water Maiden Dance Hopi Social Dance Songs
56. Buffalo Dance Song Various Artists Zuni Traditional Songs
57. Evening Song Various Artists Pueblo Songs from San Juan
58. Pipe Song Wahancanka Remember Me Grandfather
59. Drum Dance Various Artists Drum Dance Music of the Dogrib
60. Bear Dance Utes Traditional Songs
61. Love Song William Horncloud Lakota Traditional Songs
62. Learned from the Late Leonard Cozad, Sr. Kenneth Cozad Songs of Our People
63. Tuhvan dau ya Judy Trejo Circle Dance Songs of the Paiute & Shoshone
64. Ali Oidak Polka Gu-achi Fiddlers Old Time O'odham Fiddle Music
65. Fragile Louie Gonnie Spirit of the Swirling One
66. Charity Kevin Yazzie Charity
67. Old Music Strings Yaqui Ritual & Festive Music
68. Hascid Hiosik Earl Ray Traditional Songs of the Pima
69. Transcendence and the Dawn Louie Gonnie Breathe Deep the Dusk Fall
70. Bird Song Keith Mahone Bird songs of the Hualapai
71. Dance of the Corn People Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Singing Earth
72. #1A cappella Native American Church Songs Leeann Brady In Jesus' Name
73. Mountain Chair The Cisco Band & the Joaquin Brothers Popular Dance Music
74. peyote Song from Set No. 1 Chillon Paddock Zephyr
75. Rudolph, the Red Nose Raindeer Southern Scratch Chicken Scratch Christmas
76. How Sweet the Sound Southern Scratch How Sweet the Sound
77. We Are Here Sharon Burch Colors of My Heart
78. The Sunset A. Paul Ortega Two worlds & Three Worlds
79. I May Want a Man Joanne Shenandoah Loving Ways
80. Concedenos Paz (Coda) Various Artists Guadalupe, Our Lady of the Roses
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