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R. Carlos Nakai - Sanctuary (CR-7060)

Sanctuary by R. Carlos
Nakaiascentor-Blog about new age music, healing & meditation sounds, voice of god & ethereal / Oct. 26, 2011
By: Sergei Oreshkin
Title: R. Carlos Nakai Sanctuary

Today, American, Colorado is known for expensive ski runs Aspen, Colorado Springs resorts, great sand dunes national park of the same name, the boundless prairies, and many other attractions that attract thousands of tourists every year. And, perhaps, many of these travelers, enthusiastically looking peaks of the Rocky Mountains, walking through the alpine plateau and coniferous forests, covering the green veil ancient slopes, will miss the word guide on how these places are connected with the history of ancient Indian tribes of old, lived in these areas .
Reminded of this album «Sanctuary» R. Carlos Nakai "Changes". Another musician, disc, recorded only with a wooden flute, hold on a summer parking Navajo Nation, the sacred temple, hidden in a valley Ankompagre, which flows into the great Colorado River, on the footprints left by the totemic animals. Music album is simple and easy, with its captivating and penetrating contemplation, stirs the imagination of even those people who never had and do not have to visit these beautiful places. A rolling and slightly vibrating singing flute recreates the feeling of utter loneliness, but not the oppressive feeling that can suppress the will and feelings, and a grand feeling, when all is revealed before you, vast world, and you're on the background and seems to be nothing, and at the same time, is an integral part of it. Quiet meditative sounds Nakai easily gives the will of the wind, and he takes it screams high soaring eagles, coyotes howl at night, babbling brooks, returning only after a long time echo reflected from the slopes of the mountains. It is worth noting that «Sanctuary» more traditional folk music holds the Indians than other work Nakaya similar content. And when listening to (this process can not exclude the relationship of melodies and those names that are assigned to them by creating in the listener's imagination necessary landscapes) all the time it seems that now you will hear the voice of an old shaman, who will be the night away under the crackling campfire, told ancient legends, tales and stories. This does not happen, but for the wise old man in the end all say the flute, acting as guide and mentor. Music for meditation, relaxation, walks in the corners of his imagination, which carries a very positive attitude. Picturesque true masters of music, not by chance once again nominated for the award «GRAMMY» for this work.

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