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R. Carlos Nakai Interview

From:  Golden Moon Publishing (originally posted in New Age Retailer 1998)
By:  Ray Hemachandra
Title:  R. Carlos Nakai on Not Speaking for All Natives

Writer's note: I conducted this interview in person just after I started at New Age Retailer magazine in 1998. I was a big fan, and the marriage of my new role (as assistant editor) and a surprise opportunity (R. Carlos was touring with the
R. Carlos Nakai Quartet and coming through Bellingham, Washington, just then) was too much to pass up. That synchronicity led to all the interviews I've done in the spiritual community in the dozen years since. I attended the concert and interviewed R. Carlos in his hotel room in Bellingham.]

Ray: Is your role to some extent that of a teacher, particularly in terms of shar ing aspects of native culture with the main stream?

Canyon Trilogy by Native American flutist R. Carlos NakaiOne of my favorite CDs: Canyon Trilogy from the great R. Carlos Nakai

R. Carlos: Iím not on a crusade of any kind to persuade people about one thing or another with regard to my culture or anyone elseís culture or about being in the world, because I feel like what I do serves me well, and I expect others to find those things in the world that serve them well from their own per spec tive.

And of course itís all unqualified, because being schooled and having at tend ed many universities Iíve found that having a personal philosophy is regarded as merely an opinion. So in order for me to become a philosopher I would have to get numerous doctoral degreesóin oth er words, complete a lot of pa per work to reiterate whatís been said already. And Iím not into that.

Iím more, letís do this as a childlike adventure. Letís just get out there and see the world and play to peo ple and talk to them about how I feel and how we all feel about being here, now. Thatís most important to me.

So I do that primarily. I donít carry a torch for anyone. I donít represent any one be sides myself. There are many who would like for me to be a role model for native culture and traditions, but I am not. Iím only one person.

And there are a num ber of us as individual native peo ple who are all making an effort to allow people to understand we are still here and viable as cultural beings, and itís all of us together, rather than just me or anyone else like me or any other well-known musician out there who is of na tive de scent, you know, to say that I rep re sent ev ery one.

I was admonished early on by an elder who said donít you ever, ever go out there and say youíre going to help your people. Because, one, we donít need your help, and two, donít ever suppose that you know more than anyone else does. And if you begin saying you are the sum total of all native awareness at this point and you speak for all natives, then realize youíre being a fool. Which is all very true, so I speak only for myself.
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