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McClellan, Robedeaux & Stoner - For Our Loved Ones (CR-6397)

From: Navajo Times / November 10, 2005
Reviewer: Jan-Mikael Patterson
Title: New CD releases offer something for every taste

Window Rock - The holidays are peeking around the corner and here are some suggestions for stocking stuffers.
Black Lodge - MORE Kids' Pow-Wow Songs (Canyon Records): The Grammy-nominated northern style drum group scores again with this follow-up to its 1996 release, Kids' Pow-Wow Songs ." The first album included the hit songs "Mighty Mouse," "Ask Your Mom for 50 Cents," and "Looney Toons." The new album also includes several songs referencing popular cartoon characters such as "Scooby-Doo," "Sponge Bob SquarePants," "Elmo's World," and "Brother Bear."
"More Kids" is definitely worth buying, especially if you're an adult who enjoys watching cartoons with your children.
William Horncloud - Sings Sioux Rabbit Songs (Canyon Records): This album is the newest addion to the Canyon Traditional Treasures series of recordings previously available on cassette tape only. The CD, which displays Horncloud's powerful voice, includes re-mastered songs originally released in 1971.
Horncloud died in 1988, but he has left behind a learning tool with this CD. Rabbit-dance songs accompany the traditional social dance of Lakota courting couples.
The songs reflect the beat of the rabbit dance, which incorporates a two steps forward, one step back pattern. The two forward steps symbolize the couple's need to move forward in life, while the step back reminds the lovers that they must remember where they came from. A must-have.
Algin Scabby Robe - Along the Way(Canyon Records): Scabbey Robe is a member of the famed northern drum Black Lodge , based in White Swan, Wash. This is his first solo album and features his original compositions. The emotionally driven songs are dedicated to friends and relatives as detailed in the liner notes.
The album showcases the up-and-down tempo of Scabbey Robe's singing voice and drumbeat, and starts the listener bobbing and weaving reflexively as if one were in the midst of a joyous winter social gathering. It's a song collection worth having.
McClellan, Robedeaux & Stoner - For Our Loved Ones (Canyon Records): The rapid drumbeat and rattle of the gourd, backed by the voices of revered singers Jeff McClellan, Kyle Robedeaux and Brian Stoner, makes this collection of Native American Church songs worth the money.
The recording, made in Agra, Okla., in February, enables the listener to be educated about the songs, the ceremony and the purpose of the NAC. Navajo NAC members will appreciate the wonderful songs but, then again, it is music for everyone, too.
Randy Wood - Our Love Will Never Die (Canyon Records) : Native American music with romantic lyrics is a new direction for renowned Cree singer Randy Wood. His songs, although including many contemporary Native American influences, are grounded by traditional instruments like the drum.
Wood's harmonies speak of love but has a child-like quality. This album is a sure winner.

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