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Brianna Lea Pruett (1983-2015)

Brianna Lea Pruett (1983-2015)

It was with great sadness that we learned that our dear friend and beloved Canyon Records artist Brianna Lea Pruett passed away unexpectedly on September 2, 2015. In the words of Brianna's sister Keely Dorran, "...Brianna Lea Pruett, (a) brilliant and finally overwhelmed sweet girl of 32, who took her own life in her hands, fell asleep to death and woke up to the new life."

Brianna was a deeply gifted singer, songwriter, poet, filmmaker and visual artist. Her creativity knew no bounds. It flowed through her like a river, never ceasing. Brianna always endeavored to perfectly express her own artistic spirit but her art always had an element of being an offering to others. Her kind and gentle heart was always infused into her art. As a loving human being, Brianna brought joy to all she came into contact with.

Released in 2013, Gypsy Bells, Brianna's first recording for Canyon Records, was very well received by critics and fans alike. Bullet Magazine, Paste Magazine and other respected indie publications all celebrated Brianna's songcraft and achingly beautiful vocals that conveyed a sense of life experience beyond her age. Brianna's follow-up for Canyon, the download-only EP We Come in All Colors was released in March of this year. Recorded while on tour, We Come in All Colors contained largely stripped-down versions of selected songs from Gypsy Bells but also contained a new song, the EP's title track. Gregg McVicar of UnderCurrents Radio captured the essence of Brianna's performance on the EP eloquently with the following words;

"It's easy to fall in love with Brianna's sensuous, unhurried portraits. These songs glow from within, what happens when a gifted visual artist puts hue, line and shadow to music. And oh, what a beautiful voice!"

"We Come in All Colors" was easily her most refined song to date. Brianna saw this song as the way forward and envisioned it as paving the way for her next project. Brianna and Canyon Records were preparing a promotional campaign for We Come in All Colors right up until she passed away.

As a human being, as an artist and as a singer-songwriter, Brianna had so much yet to give. She was well on her journey to connect with greater numbers of people through her songs, her paintings and all her artistic gifts. Though all of us at Canyon Records will deeply miss the joy and laughter of her physical presence, we will always be comforted by the times we had together and by the enduring body of work she left behind for the world to enjoy. Brianna's family deeply wishes that everybody focuses on the continued existence of her spirit and her artistry.

Lastly, Brianna's family has found comfort and inspiration in the following traditional Welsh Hymn. The words of the hymn seem perfectly suited for Brianna;

Calon lān

Calon lān yn llawn daioni, Tecach yw
na'r lili dlos: Dim ond calon lān all
ganu Canu'r dydd a chanu'r nos.

A clean heart o'erflow'd with goodness,
Fairer than the lily white;
A clean heart forever singing,
Singing through the day and night.

The Canyon Records staff and family of artists extend their thoughts and prayers to Brianna's family, friends and fans at this difficult time.

We encourage you to help the family of Brianna Lea Pruett with the funeral expenses. They have started a fundraising campaign through Go Fund Me here:

Filmmaker and close friend of Brianna, Adam Murphy, has recut a new version of the video Brianna and he made for "New Life" from Gypsy Bells using unreleased footage from their original shoot. Please view it here;


One of the last pieces of art Brianna released to the public was the little book of poems called "Heart Thoughts." This was released through Poems-For-All created by Richard Hanson and distributed by SacFreePress.com. Canyon Records' Director of Production, co-producer of Gypsy Bells and We Come in All Colors and a friend of Brianna's, Stephen Butler spontaneously created a video to accompany "Heart Thoughts" after Brianna's passing. You can see it here;


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